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The Piracicaba International Piano Festival aims to bring together internationally renowned pianists and pedagogues for artistic and pedagogical exchange. The event is focused at piano students of all levels and age groups, in addition to teachers and pianists, and will feature recitals, masterclasses, workshops, lecture-recitals, lectures, studio showcases, technic cliniques, and round tables. After the success of the 2020 and 2021 online versions, where more than 70,000 people had access to our content through Zoom, Facebook and Youtube, this year we will be offering the event in a hybrid format (in person + online).

The eipianopira comprises several areas of the piano universe. In addition to the traditional areas of performance and pedagogy, the event also covers the following areas: piano technique, piano wellness, group piano, collaborative piano, opera & vocal coaching, historical performance traditions, improvisation, popular piano (Brazilian and jazz), contemporary piano, musical technology applied to the piano, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and career management.


The eipianopira will be a wonderful, unique opportunity to acquire and exchange knowledge, gain experience, as well as a valuable chance to network with pianists and teachers from all over the world and within Brazil.  These renowned educational institutions, pedagogues and artists are all representative of the highest standard that will enhance our Festival.

The eipianopira takes place annually and is a non-profit event, only possible through a partnership between pianists, teachers, students and the community.

Hybrid Edition

  • The XI EIPIANOPIRA will have face-to-face and online activities (synchronous and asynchronous) and will offer opportunities for participants and clinicians who want to engage both in person as well as  online in the event.

  • The face-to-face activities will be divided between the Liberty Vila dos Frades complex and the municipal theater

  • The synchronous (live) online activities will be broadcast live via Zoom to registered participants and a selection of the content will also be available on the event's Facebook page for free.

  • Registered participants will have face-to-face and virtual access to all eipianopira activities, including Zoom rooms with simultaneous translation (Portuguese, English and Spanish). Recordings of all activities will be made available in a cloud folder for online participants (no extra charge). For registered in- person participants that want to have access to all the recordings we will have a small fee.

  • All registered participants will receive the digital booklet in PDF containing the entire program, the handouts in PDFs of all sessions and the digital certificate of the event by email, at the end of the EIPIRANOPIRA.

Piano Camp

The EIPIANOPIRA will offer a special daily program to young pianists from 6 to 11 years old between July 10 to 15. In addition to theory activities, musical perception, games, improvisation, and apps, we will have rooms with daily masterclasses for children with specialized teachers. The children involved in the Piano Camp will have the opportunity to show some of the activities developed during the Piano Camp in the closing recital on July 20th. Piano Camp activities will all be available only for in-person participants. The coordination of the Piano Camp is under the direction of Cintya Soares (Criança & Música).

Daily Schedule

Bellow is the outline of the daily schedule. The full schedule will be announced shortly.

  • 09:00

    • Lecture, Workshop

  • 10:00

    • Lecture, Workshop

  • 11:00

    • Panel or Participants Recital

  • 12:15

    • Lunch​

  • 14:00~16:30

    • Masterclass​

  • 14:00~16:00

    • Piano Camp

  • 16:30~17:00

    • Coffee Break​

  • 17:00

    • Technique Clinique​

  • 19:30

    • Faculty and Guests Recital


We recommend that in-person participants plan their stay in Piracicaba from the 9 to 16 of July. The activities of the XI EIPIRANOPIRA will start July 9 after 2 pm and the closing recital is scheduled for the 15, at 7:30 pm. We are planning a reception right after the last concert.


All the registered participants will have opportunities to play for the masterclasses person or online. In addition to the in-person masterclass rooms, we will have virtual rooms, including three professional online piano studios to acomodate online participants. The online studios will be equipped with multiple high definition cameras, as well as condenser microphones and large HD monitors.

Masterclasses will be in groups of 10-15 participants per group, and all registered active participants will have the opportunity to perform for the EIPIANOPIRA faculty. The masterclasses have a duration of 3 hours daily and each participant will have around 30 minutes per masterclass with the faculty. Every days an average of  six pianists will be performing, consequently each participant would be able to perform at least everyother day of the festival

Recommendation for Online Participants

  • We recommend that all participants use fast internet to guarantee the best use of the event.  The ideal minimum speed is 10 mb/s for download and 5 mb/s for upload. To measure your internet, access the page or the SpeedTest App for mobile device or tablet.

  • Suggested equipment: We recommend preferably using a computer, laptop or tablet during the event, as they are equipment with larger screens. If the participant does not have any of these equipment and needs to use their cell phone, we recommend using an HDMI cable adapter to connect to a TV, to facilitate viewing the event.

  • If possible, we recommend the use of an external webcam, condenser microphone and speaker to improve the use of the participant in the event.

We offer a video on how to set up your music room for EIPIANOPIRA masterclasses 

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